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Saturday, February 24th

Intentional Sisterhood 2018

Join 200+ women at Intentional Sisterhood 2018
The theme this year, Committed to Him – for such a time as this

Main Stage Speakers for 2018

Penny Jenkins
Penny JenkinsMain Stage Speaker
Penny Jenkins is an ordained minister and resides in Frederick, Maryland. She is the author of the book, “He Knows My Name; Poetic Whispers from Heaven”. Penny aspires to inspire through poetry and other inspirational writings as led by the Holy Spirit. Penny feels that in order for people to fully experience the freedom and joy that the Bible speaks about, we must acknowledge and accept our past failures, hurts, disappointments, and losses, and begin dreaming again.
Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie HughesMain Stage Speaker
Steph is learning to live as a daughter of the one true and glorious King while being a broken person in a broken world. She is the wife of a loving and encouraging husband who challenges her to pursue her dreams and provides a daily dose of optimism. The two of them have been blessed with a strong and sweet son.
Janet Stephens
Janet StephensMain Stage Speaker
Janet Stephens is a believer in Jesus who seeks to love the Lord our God with all her heart, mind, body, soul, and strength, and to love others as she loves herself (Luke 10:27). She has been married for 32 years, has two adult children, one son in law, and one delightful grand-daughter. She has been a hairstylist for 35 years but says her most worthy credential to mention is that she is a woman who lives in the GRACE space. Janet is currently the point leader of Women’s ministry at Redeemer Lutheran church. Over the years, she has served on a variety of teams, such as: Sunday sermon team, Celebrate Recovery team, Pastoral Care team, One Life Africa team, and at one point, she served on staff as the Assistant Director for Youth Ministry.
Kristine Nelson
Kristine NelsonMain Stage Speaker
Kristine is the founder and director of Intentional Sisterhood Ministries and is an active disciple of River’s Edge Ministries.  She desires for Christians to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are able to disciple others to be the same.  When not working as a Project Director for The EMMES Corporation in clinical research, you can find her working on ministry development or spending time at Wegman’s.

Breakout Speakers for 2018

Doree Osborne
Doree OsborneBreakout Speaker
Bio: Dorée Osborne is an ordained deacon with a true passion for sharing God’s word to inspire and encourage women on their Christian journey. For the past 18 years her love for the word has kept her involved with organizations such as Bible Study Fellowship and Community Bible Study, where she has served on the leadership team as Assistant Teaching Director and Core Leader for women and couples groups.

She currently serves as leader of the women’s ministry at her church, teaches adult Sunday school and facilitates a Saturday morning prayer group. She is the founder and director of the Grace’s Favor Dance Ministry. Dorée is a recent federal government retiree after 40 years of service, happily married to her husband Robert for 32 years and has three young adult children.

Breakout: F.O.C.U.S. – For Such a Time as This
Ruth 1:16-17 – As women trying to keep up with the demands of life, we all find ourselves stressed from time to time. Ruth found herself widowed, dealing with a depressed mother-in-law, a move to a foreign country and a new religion. Talk about stress! Yet she was able to remain faithful, obedient and committed under stress. That’s FOCUS! How do we remain focused on the Lord, regardless of our circumstances, in such a time as this?

Sarah Southworth
Sarah SouthworthBreakout Speaker
Bio: Sarah is an active member of River’s Edge Ministries, where her father serves as Pastor and Mission Developer. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Messiah College in Health and Exercise Science, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, and is especially passionate about holistic health and natural living. She desires to encourage and lead women into a lifestyle of wellness, with Christ as the center. She and her husband, Scott, reside in Woodbine, Maryland with their four beloved cats.

Breakout: Where is God Calling You?
Each of us has our own story. Each of us is being called differently by the Lord to further His kingdom. For Sarah, she had to give up control and submit to His authority over her health in order to discover His purpose for her. This relinquishing of control has allowed her to discover new ways in which she can serve Him through a vocation of wellness. Where do you need to release control and begin seeing things in a new way… through the eyes of your Creator? This may be the very place He has called you. This may be the very place where He desires to use you for His kingdom work.”

Kristy O'Neal
Kristy O'NealBreakout Speaker
Bio: Kristy is mom to two sweet, funny, wonderful kids and works full time in information technology. During her spare time, she likes to browse Pinterest and thrift stores, create things, and hang out with her kids. As a foster parent, Kristy is passionate about Jesus, advocating for the needs of kids in foster care, and supporting foster families.

Breakout: Be Brave, Dear Sister
We are commanded repeatedly in God’s Word to take courage (Isaiah 41:10, 1 Corinthians 16:13, Psalm 31:24, John 16:33), but too often, fear gets in the way of the things to which God has called us. It doesn’t have to. We can learn to be brave and move forward despite our fear. This session will look at the lives of several men and women in the Bible, to see what we can learn from them about courage. It will also include some practical steps to take to grow in courage.

Donna Storms
Donna StormsBreakout Speaker
Bio: Kingdom Grower, Joy Seeking, Forever Transforming, Spirit Filled, Overcoming Daughter of the King of Kings radically devoted to inspire others to live in the fullness of a life transformed and sold out to their glorious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Breakout: All In – Trust
Never let the fact that God is invisible cause you to doubt that God is invincible. Join me in walking through scriptures as we learn about what it means to trust, know our journey and understand the purpose. Let’s learn the TRUST!

Angela Sutsakhan
Angela SutsakhanBreakout Speaker
Bio: Angela has been involved in women’s ministry for over 15 years and currently serves as a bible study leader in a moms of teens group. After hearing a talk about human trafficking, her heart was broken and she began leading a bible study at a restoration home for victims in Baltimore. She loves spending time with others over a good cup of coffee and encouraging them in God’s Word. Angela has been married to her husband Sid for over 20 years, is a mom to two teenagers, and teaches English as a second language.

Breakout: What Breaks Your Heart?
What breaks your heart? What issue/topic/injustice grabs your attention so strongly that you can’t stand it? While leading a small group of women at a community bible study, I was challenged to answer this question. Regardless of the “issue” that breaks our hearts, God wants us to step out in faith, to go beyond our abilities, and to say yes to Him when He is asking us to do something out of our comfort zone.

Kenya S. Ulmer
Kenya S. UlmerBreakout Speaker
Bio: Meet Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Teacher Kenya S. Ulmer, whose mission is to help women cut out the drama and distractions to get on the road to their destiny. Nothing bothers Kenya more than seeing women not understand the power they possess and knowing their true worth in Jesus Christ. Kenya resides in Maryland with her teen daughter Sydney—queen of the selfie. To connect with Kenya, go to www.singlemamawithnodrama.com

Breakout: The Price of Staying Silent
Esther 4:14 – If Esther were alive today, she probably would have millions of Instagram followers. Could you be trusted with such celebrity? When you reached the top would you do God’s work or simply chill? The truth of Esther is that she slept with the king – and in fact, he slept with all of the prospects (yikes!) But the Bible tells us that it was Esther who found favor with the king and was chosen to be queen. There may be a situation in your life like Esther’s, where there is some behavior that you are ashamed of or a painful secret that you haven’t told anyone; it’s holding you captive and shackling your praise. This doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you and doesn’t have a plan for your life.

Hope Stockman
Hope StockmanBreakout Speaker
Bio: Hope is a Jesus follower and Joyful truth seeker. She has learned that life is best lived as a journey with Jesus full of twists and turns. Sometimes you have seasons in the comfortable familiar places and other times you are invited to venture into new places and explore new territory all tethered to the truth and goodness of God’s Word. Over the last several years, Hope and her family have experienced many periods of transition, some pleasant and others painful. Currently, she lives in Brussels, Belgium with her husband, seven year old daughter and two faithful furry friends. She works for Holy Yoga Global Ministries which is a U.S. based non-profit that teaches Christ centered yoga as a modality to share the love, truth, and Good News of the Gospel to all the Nations. She is excited introduce you to a this practice of connecting your God given breath and body movement to God’s Word for worship with your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Breakout: Committed to Him and Willing to Journey with Jesus to a New Land
Journeying with Jesus is not for the faint of heart. In order to journey you need to be willing to let go and make space for what is to come. New seasons can offer exciting opportunities. We desire the good that comes with the new but we cling desperately to the reality we know. Jesus challenges us to relinquish our fear, regenerate our faith and walk hand in hand together into the next season with holy confidence and contagious joy. Will you join Him? This session will include a gentle Holy yoga class, suitable for all levels, and breathing exercises to reduce stress and reclaim focus.

2018 Mission Focus

Sole Hope:  Offering HOPE, healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief

It all started with an encounter with a YouTube video – a video that broke our hearts took us WAY out of our comfort zones and led us to Uganda. Along the way, we realized we could not only help Ugandan children live lives free from jiggers, but we could help Ugandan men and women earn a fair wage by making the shoes that go on the feet of the children we treat. Jiggers are not like any other parasite. The health implications and social stigma that comes with them are crippling to those affected by them. We believe there is hope for the problem of jiggers in Uganda, and the way Sole Hope makes a difference is by helping the “next two feet” at a time become jigger free and remain that way.  For more information CLICK HERE