Intentional Sisterhood 2017

Saturday, February 25th

Main Speakers

Our main speakers teach from a blend of the IS 2017 theme and their personal story to best

help those attending engage with the content.

Kimberly Vaughn
Kimberly VaughnMain Stage Speaker
Kimberly Vaughn is passionate about God’s Word and helping women experience victory through total dependency upon Jesus. Though she holds a Bible College degree, her knowledge and wisdom have come through fiery trials as she saturated herself in God’s Word. Kimberly enjoys serving at church and wherever else God leads. She is thankful for a faithful husband, as well as for two beautiful children whom she has the privilege of homeschooling.
Christine Yost
Christine YostMain Stage Speaker
Christine, also known as Sunny, is a wife, mother, and a proud mom-mom. She and her husband Rick live in Harford County, MD and she is a secretary at Bel Air High School. She has always had a passion for women’s ministry, and a desire to help women learn to mentor each other. She is studying and learning more about hearing God’s voice and acting upon His nudging. “Everyone has a story – we just need the faith and boldness to share it.
Valerie Hobbs
Valerie HobbsMain Stage Speaker
Valerie serves as a member of the staff of Redeemer Lutheran Church responsible for Adult Discipleship Ministry. She also serves as Associate Staff with Navigator Church Ministries helping other Lutheran Churches develop a disciple-making culture. An adventurous spirit, a love for Jesus and His church, a creative nature, and a passion for repurposing lives, she helps others unlock the truths of God’s Word in her local congregation, within North American Lutheran Church congregations nationally, and among disadvantaged students of Kenya.
Kristine Nelson
Kristine NelsonMain Stage Speaker
Kristine is the founder and director of Intentional Sisterhood Ministries and is an active disciple of River’s Edge Ministries.  She desires for Christians to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who are able to disciple others to be the same.  When not working as a Project Director for The EMMES Corporation in clinical research, you can find her working on ministry development or spending time at Wegman’s.

6 Breakout Speakers

that will inspire you. Challenge you. Walk with you.

Mindie Greene
Mindie GreeneBreakout Speaker
Bio: Mindie has been ill since childhood, survived trauma/abuse, broken family and very toxic misaligned church upbringing. All of which has stretched her compassion, faith and zeal for the Lord. She has been in a season of tearing down the version of her faith, relationships, femininity and view of herself that this dark and hateful world built for her and taking steps of rebuilding, reclaiming and redefining herself, her spirituality and her life.

Breakout Title: Shattering Mirrors to Stay Alive

Breakout Description: We all have “life commandments” that we base our lives and decisions on. Many of them derive from the reflection we see of ourselves in warped mirrors raised by childhood, relationships, wounds from our past and the voice of this broken world we live in. It’s time to SHATTER those mirrors see our true image and reclaim our identity to start living a life of joy and boldness!

Susie Campbell
Susie CampbellBreakout Speaker
Bio: Susie was born and raised in the great state of Texas, but for the past 20 years she is proud to call Maryland “home”, and it is where she and her husband have been raising their two children, Josh 18 and Suscha 15. While being a stay at home mom, Susie has had the pleasure of being a Room Mom and Volunteer Coordinator for PTSA. At her church, she enjoys leading a small group bible study, Special Parents of Special Needs Children and co-lead a Mom’s Sunday school class. Susie and her husband have been worshiping at Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer for 18 years, now.
Susie walks with her feet and stands on her faith!

Breakout Title: Living in His Light, When Life Seems Dark

Breakout Description: Did you ever think, when you were growing up, that the trials and tribulations you were going through would be why you are where you are today? You were created in His image and in this breakout session, we will talk about the need to live in His Light even when life seems to be dark.

Robin Moore
Robin MooreBreakout Speaker
Bio: Robin joined the Intentional Sisterhood crew in 2009 as a hospitality volunteer.  Little did she know that volunteering at the IS Event would lead to partnering in leading a Breakout Session in 2012.  In 2015 she partnered with our Mission team and helped launch us into opportunities in Uganda with the Boanerges Deaf Initiative.

Breakout Title: A Look in the Mirror

Breakout Description: And when you look in the mirror, do you see yourself as someone worthy of a perfect love or do you see failure and disappointment? In this breakout session, we will be looking at Psalm 23 and talk about a romantic encounter with Jesus. When we see His image as scripture describes and we reflect that image in ourselves, then we will be reflecting Him to others.

Beth Rupert
Beth RupertBreakout Speaker
Bio: Beth is a wife and mother of 3 boys who chooses daily to walk in the Grace and Freedom that God desires for her. She graduated from nursing school and worked in the field for a short time before being called to stay home with the boys, become active in PTA, and works as a substitute teacher. Through her passion for ministering to women and her own struggles in marriage and parenting, God has enabled her to lead Women’s Ministry at her church and co-lead a group for women healing from betrayal in their marriage. Be still and KNOW that I am GOD. Psalm 46:10

Breakout Title: His Joy in My Mess

Breakout Description: In this breakout session, we will talk about how we as women strive in our own flesh to be the women we think we are suppose to be in order to be loved by God and bear much fruit. We will begin looking at those things we need to lay down at the foot of the cross so our identity is in Christ revealed.

Linda Chatfield
Linda ChatfieldBreakout Speaker
Bio: Linda is a retired school teacher living in Frederick Maryland. She has been married to the same man for 47 years, who incidentally was her teenage sweetheart from MYF (Methodist youth fellowship). They have a son and a daughter who have given them five wonderful grandchildren. Currently Linda leads a co-ed small group Bible study and is a group leader for Sister 2 Sister at Damascus Road Community Church.

Breakout Title: When a Christian Woman Says “I do”

Breakout Description: The Characteristics of a Christian wife will be discussed in this breakout session as we walk through many bible verses that will guide us. We will talk about the comparison of husband to wife and Christ to his church and how vitally important communication is for a marriage.

Stephanie Hughes
Stephanie HughesBreakout Speaker
Bio: Steph is learning to live as a daughter of the one true and glorious King while being a broken person in a broken world. She is the wife of a loving and encouraging husband and the mother of a strong and sweet son. The Lord made her with a streak of creativity in an otherwise logical and analytical mind. She enjoys deep conversations, pursuing wisdom, all sorts of reading, creative writing, java programming, dark chocolate, and adventures.

Breakout Title: Living as a Life-Giver

Breakout Description: We will look at how we have often invested our lives into the worldly image of success. Being made in the feminine image of God is, in one way, to be a life-giver– to be a comforter, to be welcoming, gracious, and supportive. Let us learn how we can encourage our daughters, friends, and family to live fully into the women God has created us to be.